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milala’s forms

did a reference sheet of Milala’s forms. technically in pw, nightshade race just has human form and reaper form. but in my land (lala land?) there’s as many pointless forms as i goddamn want, so that i may satisfy my selfish desire to draw various horns. who knows, maybe she’s like son goku and has endless form evolutions that happen as i think of them. maybe next i’ll draw her in some kind of God Reaper form. WHO KNOWS.

no but really, these 4 forms are it. (or are they?)

Ulala + KingRufus updated

i took an old sketch from a couple years and updated it a bit. its Ulala and KingRufus, those are me and my fiance’s characters from this terrible game called pwi which we always quit and always go back to LOL. such is life. his character is a barbarian tiger, which i tell him is just a furry but he insists it is not. i love him bunches anyway :)

i swear one day i will finish this sketch!