Ulala + KingRufus updated

i took an old sketch from a couple years and updated it a bit. its Ulala and KingRufus, those are me and my fiance’s characters from this terrible game called pwi which we always quit and always go back to LOL. such is life. his character is a barbarian tiger, which i tell him is just a furry but he insists it is not. i love him bunches anyway :)

i swear one day i will finish this sketch!

sunflower fields forever

so sasha suggested i do a redraw of this old old pic from 2007 of nori with her gloomy bear. i’ve been meaning to update her design anyway and humanize her. so here she is. the black stuff in her hair is actually her hair roots since she bleaches her hair, but because of the black bow it looks kinda weirdish. oh well! im happy with how it turned out :)

old pic here: http://orig06.deviantart.net/afe9/f/2007/187/a/0/i_heart_my_gloomy_bear_by_yume.png

and then there were none

I feel another art slump coming on. bah :[ lately i’ve been feeling too frustrated to draw anything. even this for exmaple, which i’ve been working on for a week and just ended up cropping it to hell. she had legs but i just didnt like how they were coming out, so to the croppery they went.. oh well. thats life for you.

the gerbera daisies were fun to paint at least, i’ve never really done digital painting like that before.