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milala’s forms

did a reference sheet of Milala’s forms. technically in pw, nightshade race just has human form and reaper form. but in my land (lala land?) there’s as many pointless forms as i goddamn want, so that i may satisfy my selfish desire to draw various horns. who knows, maybe she’s like son goku and has endless form evolutions that happen as i think of them. maybe next i’ll draw her in some kind of God Reaper form. WHO KNOWS.

no but really, these 4 forms are it. (or are they?)

neo eternal sailor moon

ever started hating a piece as you were working on it? that’s the story of this one right here. halfway through coloring i was about to just give up and scrap it but i powered through it anyway and here it is. because my sailor moon fangirl-ism knows no bounds.

this is meant to be a nod to the artwork of sailor moon where she is sitting on the moon holding her moon stick.

2017 annnd what?

time gets the better of me yet again.

I just got my Bachelor’s degree! Finally after soo many years. The past two years have been a complete blur but I’m proud to say I’ve finally finished my degree c:

On another note – here’s a pic from this past fall that I drew and never posted 😮